Emmerdale villain Jamie Tate makes chilling threat to Andrea as revenge backfires

Emmerdale’s Andrea Tate may regret exposing ex Jamie’s crime, as he has vowed to take her down with him

Emmerdale aired a tense ending to its double-bill on Thursday night, as Jamie Tate was finally arrested only to be let go again.

Belle Dingle had boyfriend Jamie arrested for the recent hit-and-run, after he ran over Moira Dingle and left her for dead.

After weeks of pretending to stand by him, she got her revenge and confessed she was using him as payback.

She secretly teamed up with nephew Nate Robinson a short while ago, and the pair have been plotting against Kim Tate’s son for weeks.

Belle revealed how she was actually just trying to find the needed evidence to send him down.

But after his arrest, things began to backfire as he was released within hours.

Now, it seems he’s preparing to take down his ex Andrea Tate for her involvement in his crime coming to light.

She started the ball rolling this week after telling Moira what Jamie had done, leading to Belle confessing all and calling the police.

As he made his return to the village, Andrea was gobsmacked and told him he should be rotting in a cell.

Towards the end of the episode, he confronted her and issued a chilling threat.

He vowed to take her down with him if the case went to court, promising to get her back for what she did.

He reminded her that it was her that stopped him from going to the police in the first place, covering up his crime.

Andrea was clearly worried, as Jamie tried to blackmail her into being his alibi for the night of the accident.

Telling her she was just as at fault as he was, he prepared to expose her own involvement and told her he’d be taking her down with him if she didn’t do as he said.