Want some cool animatid GIFs? Check out Dimestore's Collection. The one shown isn't there, but some great ones are. But back to the matter at hand. Nobody that I've talked to feels the need for a Utilities page, so that's why it's here. I tend to go against the grain. This page is kind of small, but as I get more shareware utilities, rest assured that they'll magically appear.


Renamer (27KB) - All you GUI heads out there, you'll not like this one. It's command-line based, so you'll HAVE to open a DOS window to use it. I like it 'cause it works! Really good to have around for those times when you grab a font that has the same name as one already installed. Documentation is included. Renamer is not 32-Bit so it won't work on long filenames.


Refont (36KB) - Neat little utility that's supposed to convert Mac fonts. I wouldn't know if that's true 'cause I don't use a Mac. But I have used it to create Type 1 fonts from .AFM files that I found on OS/2 systems. By-the-way, this is a DOS box thing, too. But there is a Windoze version that requires registration. See Acute Systems home page.


Fontlister 2.0 (212KB) - Handy little utility that will list both installed and uninstalled True Type Fonts fonts (only), give you samples, and even print the samples. Very handy to have around. Thanks again, Donn@!


TT-Converter 1.5? (51KB) - Y'know, if there wasn't a Mac there probably wouldn't be PC's, so I found and upped this little utility that converts Windows True Type fonts to Mac fonts. I can't use this little gem 'cause (like a said before) I don't use a Mac. It's compressed in HQX format. Mac users - if it doesn't work, please e-mail me.


Hey!! While creating this page (a long time ago), I just found a VERY GOOD source for Font Utilities. Actually, it's a link on my Links Page for fonts, but they also have some great utilities. Just go to Redsun and click on "Enter All Good Things Typography", then "MS Windows Typography Software". They've got Mac font utilities, too. But don't forget to check out their fonts! They're the sh... bomb, baby!