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Welcome to the "New Fonts Of The... Next Few Days Or So" page. Yes, yes. I know, I know. These fonts aren't new, but they're new at this page! Every 6-10 (or so) days this page will be updated. Hey, I don't wanna get flamed for not uploading new fonts at exactly 1 week intervals as promised (it happens on alt.binaries.fonts). Previous fonts will be moved to their respective pages (see the table below). Grab 'em while they're easy!

All displayed fonts were added 11/25/00

FINALLY!! The Pheanix has come BACK to Fontazm!!
(or something like that...)

Here you go... 126 added fonts

20th Century Font

True Type

Aajax Surreal Freak

True Type

All Star

True Type


True Type

Apple Antics

True Type


True Type


True Type

Bad Hair Day

True Type


True Type


True Type

Big Blocko

True Type

Bite Me

True Type


True Type

Block Tilt

True Type


True Type

Boring, Boring

True Type


True Type


True Type

 CD Esoteric

True Type


True Type

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 Download ALL (4.1MB) the new fonts in one zip.

NOTE: The "ALL" zip will decompress to individual zips. This is to keep Readme's and other pertinent files intact with each font.

Click here for instructions on installing True Type fonts under Windows 95.

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This table lists new fonts added since this site was created. Fontazm already had many fonts before these were added. Hyperlinks will only go to the page that displays a sample. From there you can decide whether or not to download.

 February 13th

Fake Receipt, Fatso, Feena Casual, Flyman, Fontdiner Sparkle, Fontocide, Fried Eggs, Frosty, Ghost, Ghouly Booly, Gotham Nights, Gothic Hijinx, Gothikka, Groovalicious Tweak, Hackers, Ham Lake, Haunt AOE, Hawkeye, Highlander, Hot Tamale, Incarnation, Jingopop, Jungle Fever, Jungle Leaves, Kallamar, Kelt Caps, Knick O Teen, Ko City, Kontrast, Let's Eat, Lewisham Shadowed, Light & Black, Little Tubby Jesus, Loki-Cola, Lucky Font, Masterforce Hollow, Milit, Monarchia, Move Aside, Music Hall, Night Court, Pants Patrol, Pee's Celtic Plain, Porky's, Pre Crypt, Rice Cakes, Rocky, Skrofont, Smiley Font, Spawned, Tomate, Watson, Yadou, Yawnovision, Ygnorant

 February 28th

Echo Deco, LeeBee Schwarz, Lois Ann, Mystik Orbs, Shadow Tag, Spit Shine, Swedie Cruel, Stix n Stonz

March 10th

Apocalyspe, Zipple, United States, Sterling Panic, Silvus, Serpent, I See Spirals, Helena, GF Fuffiger, GF Hubert Caps, Trekbats, Transport, Sam's Dingbats 1, Rugbats, Luv 'n Kisses, Healthcare Symbols

March 21st

Noir-et-Blanc, National Primary, Frowny Font, Chlub, Krisfly, Quark Neon, Wobbles, Chemical Gus, Alienator, Christian Crosses

 April 10th

Codex, Detective, Festival Flourish, Hyper Kenetic, JW Brass, Lombardo-Benevenian, Barnyard, Handyfont

 April 16th

Qirof, Quaxy, Quixley, Qswitch Ax, Quasidipitous, Zanes, Zaney Whatever It Means, Zayin, Zoink Fat, Zone Rider, Xcast, WedDings

April 23rd

Aapax, Alpha Clown, Akenaten, After Shok, Beantown, Broadstreet, Chase Callas, Chick, Eden, Glitter, Jazz Text, Jink, Kinkee, Lard, Medication Needed, Megadeth, Molecular, Moron, Movie Board, Movie Times, Narcotix, NiteClub, Nocker, No Control, Normande, Nottingham, Nuncio, Odishi, Old Copperfield, Old Typewriter, Oliver, Omnibus, Once Upon A Time, Ooo La La, Oscilloscope, Pavane, Pedestal, Pencilled, Phoenix, Planks, Plastic Tomato, Pointy Iron Fence, Poo, Poophead, PopUps, Pop Will Eat Itself, Pot of Gold, Punkass Bitch, Puzzle Pieces, Old Time Ad Dings One, Old Time Ad Dings Two, Fishy Print One AOE, Fishy Print Two AOE, Danceman, Easter Art, GE Zoom, Komedy Kritters

May 16th

Cookie Dough, HotDog, Watermelon, Swiss Cheese, Wet Noodle

May 29th

Belching Up Salisbury Steak, Bunker, Buscemi, Cactus Love, Cheap Ass Phaser, Corinne, Cracked Dendrite, Craptacular, Dipepsi, Donald, Dumpster Diver, Electronic Cobbler, Fridge Magnets, Lego Maniac, Nobody Loves Me, Pork Soda, Protonic Feelers, Reverend Josh, Sloopy, Stamper, Takeout, Vic Twenty, Vinyl Stickons

June 8th

Pulse State, Populuxe, Reznor, Runamuck, Sins of Rhonda, Shapeshifter, Sennin, Warren, Music Fun, Music for a While

July 7th

Arthur, Brussels Titling Caps, Cake, Classica Roman, Crazy Beaver, Flakes, Gravicon, Horror, Mom's Typewriter, Wesley

July 20th

Action Jackson, Blasphemy, Bayou Cowboy, Cammy Caps Display, Close To Me, Classica, Deftone Stylus, Edgewater, Flamer, Gillies, Hollywood Hills, Husky Stash, Inter-Planetary Crap, Linoleum, Lucy, Maranallo, Milwaukee, New Brilliant, Oregon Dry, Planetary Orbiter, Quardi, Regime, Ripple, Saltire, Seattle, Smartie Caps, Soul Mama, Star Bats Startones, Styrofoam Feelings, Garden Dingbats, Skullz

September 19th

!Y2KBug, 1980 Portable, A Picture Alphabet, Bumbazoid, Beer Glass, Bitchin, Blacksmith Delight, Blake, Buffed, City Of, Corabael, Early Tickertape, Eulogy, Excellence, Factor, Fiesta Win95, Filmstar, Fiolex Girls, Garden Party, Ghost Meat, Grease, Italian Cursive, Jetson, Massive Retaliation, Robokoz, Sesame Street, Smoking Tequila, Taxidermist, They Killed Kenny, Video Star, Wide Eyed

October 16th

Aftershock Debris, Ambient, Ate Up With Dumbass, Blast, Da Bomb, Darkwind, Disco Duck, Disco Inferno, Distant Galaxy, EDB Indians, Home Bouys, Icicle Country, Maceo, Majistir, Malache Crunch, Outright Televism, Quilted Indian, Reporter Two, Rival, Saturday Morning Television, Shanghai, Solomon, Soviet, Terylene Top, The Cowboy Font, Underlapped, Unrelated Concept, Vanishing Girl, Varsity, Verticalization, Wacky Calligraphic, Welfare Brat, Worlds Finest, Woven Brickwork, Year 2000, Zebbadee, Zero Gravity, 4yeogarden, 4yeosummer, Bigtop, Electronics, Famous, Hearts, Little Big Man, TNG Cast

November 2nd

Alienation, Baby Kruffy, Casket Breath, Dirty Deco, Dr. Vinyl, Ebola, Eye Only Have Eyes for You, French Curve, Galaxy, Geeves, Hillock, Ingothical Weird, Map of You, Mashy Droop Shadow, Nails, Obtuse One, Oh My God Stars, Teazer, Where Cracks Appear, Xerox Malfunction, Yes: City of Angels, Waisted, Poptics One Extras, Mythology One

 November 24

Angel Bear, Banner, Bodie, Box, Cactus, DarkGarden, Fantastic, Mantel, Paint Peel, Scarab, Shaved, Shower Flower, Thanks, Tiny Tube, West Side, Windswept, 26 Woman, Beefont, Moolah, South Bats