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- One of my favorite people on da 'net. Darkside has helped me immensely with my page. Greywolf Webworks is not dedicated entirely to fonts (although he's created many good ones himself!). A great page and his fonts are there for download!

Web Designs by the Doctor - Another of my favorite people. This site is not dedicated to fonts, either. However, the Doctor has helped me more than I could hope for. He's a master at web design; I've seen his work. Go there and check it out for yourself!

Osirus Online - Now come on people. You can't eat, sleep and drink fonts forever! Go here to get you recommended daily allowance of news, entertainment, business info and more!


- WOW!!! You just have to go there. I'm speechless. The only words I can mutter are: 69MB - ZIPPED!!

Anton's New World - Not in English, but a character is a character, right? Over 180 catagorized fonts at this site. Well worth the visit.

Astigmatic One Eye - Click on this the graphic to go to one of the most impressive font sites out there. Astigmatic One Eye offers high quality free fonts (some of which are displayed here) and even higher quality ones you can buy at reasonable prices.

Brain Stew - Another huge archive. I mean HUGE. Check 'em out! You'll also find original typefaces here.

Cool Archive - Oh, man! There's got to be over 1000 fonts here. A new font is featured every week. VERY cool.

Create 8 Fonts - Loads of fonts; fast loading, too. Good work Thomas!

Divide by Eight- Tom Murphy designed the fonts on this page. This guy is GOOD! Go there now.

Emerald City Fontwerks - Another site with tons of shareware/freeware fonts.

Fish Dicks, Inc. - Nine good original designs. I hope to see more!

Floor 13 - James designed the page well. There are lots of fonts along with links.

- Very cool site receiving well deserved accolades. A new font is added every day with a 400+ font archive!

Fontage - W A A A A Y Y Y Y too many fonts!

1500 free fonts @ - 1600 fonts here... And they add them by the chunks!!

Fontaholics Anonymous - OK. For all you font fiends out there who have to visit EVERY font site on the web. Here's a good place to find places. Tons of links!

Fontomania - Hey!! They create fonts from your handwriting here. No, that's not free, but there's also some samples for download that are.

Fonts by Dennis Palumbo - Dennis makes his own unique fonts!

Free Font Archives - Luc has done, and continues to do, a great job with this site. Not only are there links to free font archives, but also links to font magazine sites, foreign font sites, typography schools, font creation programs and other great stuff. PLUS, Luc has his OWN fonts. It's unreal!

Free Font Fiesta - A page with personality! No fonts, but the links are incredible!

Gemfonts - And what a gem it is! Original designs by Graham Meade - And many of them. Including dingbats! Graham is on fire. He added four fonts on January 1st!

GF Font Resource - All original designs by Lorenz! You gotta see GF Ordner and GF Halda. And then there's GF Krater. Go to GF for these and more!

Harold's Fonts - An updated font site where Harold has created shareware and freeware fonts. Both in Mac and PC formats. These are good designs!

Heathir's Hot Fonts - Brand new site. Heathir's upped some of my favorites AND has 400 more!

Hunnybee's Hive Page - There are fonts for all season's here. Literally! Very nicely layed out and excellent font groupings!

Jandaweb - Great site with lot's o' fonts and other great stuff!

Kemosabe's Font Source - This site has got to be one of the most complete fonts sites out there! It's one GIGANTIC font archive with endless dingbats, links, utilities and even font news. You'll see what I mean when I say "complete"!

MarianFudge Design - Not a lot of talking at this site. Instead, there are some cool fonts to get your point across!

Millan - A few fonts and over 100 links.

Myfonts - No fonts here, but there's a preview version of a neat font manager at this site. Check it out, you may like it enough to buy it.

Larabie Now- Ray Larabie makes his own fonts and he's GOOD! So why not stop by his site and check it out? Some of his fonts are on pages here at Fontazm, but don't have Readme's. Please view the readme file for his fonts. This is temporary until I can re-download all the files with the readme.

Ralf's Amazing Font World - Browse by category, un-catagorized or just a list. Very well done, quite attractive and FAST!

Snail Fonts - There's some good original stuff here. Four of his fonts are featured at Fontazm (added 4/27/98).

Spork Thug Typography - This is one VERY cool site. Rev. Josh creates all the font available here and they're sweet - and FREE. DO YOU HEAR ME? FREE!!!!

Sunwalk Fontworks - Ultra fast loading site, with great original designs! Four of Andy's fonts are featured at Fontazm. Go to his site to see more!

Surf Madison - No font previews here, but with 2047 font files, who cares? Just start downloading. Chances are you'll get something you don't already have (no, not a desease).

Tech Fonts - Me? I love tech stuff. Here's a spot the concentrates on tech fonts. It's great! I just can't believe how great it is! Be sure to check out the "Top 10" page.

TeeJay's Retro Site - Feeling a bit nostalgic lately? This site is under construction, but is very promising. Not only pick up on retro fonts, but other great retro stuff!

The Chankstore - 'Nuff said!

The Empire of the Claw - This site is scarier than Fontazm. And it's PACKED with tons of horror fonts, comix and other horror stuff! Partake of the hospitality of the Indivious They.

The Font Empire - This site is great. He's got fonts, links AND uutilities!

The Font Guy - Yet another creative site. You'll find utilities and links here. Oh yeah, there are fonts here, too. UPDATE - The site is no longer there, but the fonts still are!

The Font Pool - Mucho fonts! Just Mucho!!! You gotta visit! Especially all you trekkies out there.

Toxic Type - Definitely some unique fonts at this place. Designs to knock you off your.... This site is rated "R" for strong language.

Truck Fonts - I don't know what's up with this site, but I'll keep the link for awhile longer.

True Type Fonts for WIndows - The fonts here are mostly arranged in no order whatsoever, but there's a LOT of them! I've seen some here that I haven't seen at other sites (even mine).

True Type Resource - Well, I've NEVER... seen such a large collection of links!

Tucows FreeThemes - OK, there's a little bit of navigating to be done here, but once you find the treasure of fonts, it's well worth it!

Typo5 - Very interesting site with quite interesting graphics. Indeed. There are free and money fonts here, both in PC and Mac format.

Free Font Utopia- Great original designs! Loki is da Man! As of 11/15/98, he's created 27 fonts. You gotta see them!


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