True Type Font Install Instructions (Windows 95)

  1. First and foremost, you'll need an unzipping utility like Winzip to decompress the files you download from this site. Once Winzip is installed on your PC, just unzip the font zips to a temporary directory of your choice. I don't recommend the Windows Font folder. Why? They'll just get mixed in with all your other fonts and you'll need to sort them out when it's time to install. Windows will add them to the fonts folder from where ever they are during the install process.

  2. Click "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel". Then double click fonts. From the menu, click File, Install New Font.

  3. The "Add Fonts" dialog box appears. You'll need to navigate to the folder where you unzipped the files. Once you've selected that folder, the font names should appear in the "List of Fonts" listbox. To add all, click the first font in the list, then scroll down (if necessary) and shift-click the last font. Make sure the "Copy fonts to Fonts folder" checkbox has a check in it.

  4. Last step is to click "OK". The fonts will be installed and copies made in the Fonts folder. After checking to be sure they're there, you can then backup and/or delete the files from the temporary folder where you downloaded the zip files. Before doing this, please read any readme files associated with the fonts.